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    Lito replied to the thread PR BF2 veterans.
    Hey all. See some familiar names in here! PR since January 2010, PR0.86 if I remember correctly. A bit busy these days and barely...
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    Veeblefetzer replied to the thread PR BF2 veterans.
    Hey all! Played PRBF2 since around 2009. Was happy to find such a realistic mod for the core game I spent over 5000 playing. Strike at...
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    ElBob reacted to 3ti65's post in the thread Redeeming and Installing VU/RM with Like Like.
    Please read these instructions on how to create your VU account, download and have VU running. Step 1: Install Battlefield 3 Open...
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    Locked and Loaded !
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    Foreman replied to the thread PR BF2 veterans.
    Playing Project Reality since 0.86 and I'm so happy to see that they are moving on to Battlefield 3 ❤❤ Nickname: RollingStalinium
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    emam.six replied to the thread RM Devblog #3.
    Tengo enormes ganas de jugarlo! espero me acepten en el acceso anticipado ! 🇦🇷
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    runningboy replied to the thread PR BF2 veterans.
    Wassup I'm runningboy, usually playing on Veterans Gaming, just got BF3 and excited to see how this project goes!
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    RM Devblog #3 Yet another Release delay, Feature List, Dev Spotlight and Tech Insight Hey everyone! It has been a while since our...