PR BF2 veterans


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Hello Community,

Leave a comment , veterans will recognizes eachother anyway :D

PR BF2 for life

Engineer <3 .i.
Wicca <3 .i.


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Started PR 0.83 played until 1.3 patch
Played in HOG server Rus Reality Pros and one of Germany server .
Name was [SoL] Sprite


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Been playing PR since 2008 on v0.8. Such a great journey.

Played in the meantime to PR:ArmA2,TacBF,Squad. I really put hope on this mod.
I've been internal tester for casus belli, pr:arma, tacbf,.. so interested for a new round !!


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Since 2005 on BF2 2008 on PR, Operation flaschpoint, arma, 2,3, member of FSF on arma 3, squad, insurgency sansdstorm, postscript, hell let lose etc. Always a simulation player; )
Since 2012 in PRBF2 And currently, I played a long time in lone wolf until I joined the glorious PRTA in 2016-2017.

I met the genius of Wicca (Hello wicca, I am Joaquin, former member of the-9), well at the same time that I joined the prta I joined the ninth company, carried out by Mr. Camel. I spent like 2 to 3 years with them I don't know if more, we helped create another clan of Latin Spanish speakers, we helped create the 1stSA currently operational in PRTA and PRBF2 of which I am also currently a member, I was waiting for a new Project Reality for a long time and here it is before my eyes.
I am happy with this and with the community that is making this possible. great game now Let the game rest in peace That game that made me cry, laugh, insult, break my keyboard, etc.

Hello PRBF3 !!!


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Still around here, I used to play under CarlosDMB name long, long time ago. I was part for a short period of time of NATO forces during PR Tournament. Those were good times.

Ill be using Solidmorph now. Probably some of HOG clan boys remember me, I was quite a regular there. Remember this guy named Hayley.

Cheers everyone,


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Hello everyone, I'm a veteran of v0.4 but I played it with more intensity from v0.8, my favorite map is "street" :D


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PR player for 5+ years (not as impresive as 2008 OGs)

Leader of a southamerican clan

im really exited for RM:BF3


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Hi im brand pretty much brand new i have play PR a few times and now squad a few hours. i would have 1000's of hours if only i could find a good group to play with. ♥♥♥♥


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Wassup I'm runningboy, usually playing on Veterans Gaming, just got BF3 and excited to see how this project goes!


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Playing Project Reality since 0.86 and I'm so happy to see that they are moving on to Battlefield 3 ❤❤

Nickname: RollingStalinium


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Hey all!

Played PRBF2 since around 2009. Was happy to find such a realistic mod for the core game I spent over 5000 playing. Strike at Karkand, Road to Jalalabad, Mashtuur City, Sharqi Peninsula, FuShe Pass, Dragon Valley, Warlord, Ghost Town and of course Wake Island and Kubra Dam!

Some of the best PR maps I remember playing, along with the kickass sound track (which I still have as ogg files) are:
Fallujah West, Muttrah City, Operation Archer, Al Basrah, Korengal Valley and of course Kashan Desert. The sound of the A-10, oh yeah baby!

Played as Veeblefetzer and Alaskan=*=Warlord

Looking forward to release!



Hey all. See some familiar names in here!

PR since January 2010, PR0.86 if I remember correctly.

A bit busy these days and barely game, but excited to watch this come to life!