[PA] Project Awesome - Victory Through Incompetence


New member

Hey, I run Project Awesome! We started as a Project Reality community and to this day, nothing has come close to the fun I've personally had with a video game and community. There's something to say about getting a group of people together to play a difficult game while at the same time treating each other with respect and helping those around you that need it. Including new players always leaves open the chance of someone screwing up but with the right people, that's okay. It's fun to play competitively and try to win. It's also fun playing with people that you can do that with and not revert to being a dick when things aren't going the way you hoped. We play games together because they are fun. Whether it's PR, ARMA, Squad or BF3:pR, we'll be doing it together in a big way with fun, friendly people.

If anyone is reading and has an interest, feel free to check us out. We don't care about how often you're active. We don't care if you play with other groups. We might be doing our own thing but regardless of how long you've been around, if you're friendly, you're welcome to join us in anything we do.