OD-S is not recruiting, but y'all can hang out.


Operational Detachment Sierra


Operational Detachment Sierra is one of the biggest and oldest clans in Project Reality. Our large playerbase consists of a fair few stone cold killers but mostly we pride ourselves on being organised, smart and ruthless. We are looking for people who are open to new ways of playing and improving, and we do not suffer fools gladly.

Our members are some of the most active within the community, including server admins, PR Tournament grunts, SLs and COs. We play PR at the highest level and have frequently participated in small skirmish scrims and large 32v32 scrims as a clan.

We also play many other games outside of PR like for example Squad, War Thunder, DCS, Insurgency, Dota 2 and Smite. We welcome new members that play any of them regularly.

We are a truly international clan with strong contingents in both EU and US timezones, as well as current and past members in Australia and East Asia. As long as you can understand and respond to written and spoken English and have the time to put in yourself we don't care where you are from.

It is currently unknown to what extent and in which manner we will play RM, but be sure that the Sierras will be present in some form.


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