Major Bug and Crash issues. Share experiences for DEVs to read.

Can't play for more than 5-10 minutes before game crashes. DirectX messages about client stuff, textures and what not. Happened 3 times so far. Lots of server disconnection issues. Same frame issues at all graphics settings.

Most Recent (Crash #4)

Crash ID: b4b7552e-f2da-4310-b4bd-4f877866c1d3
Build Number: 18848
Release Branch: prod

Crash Number 5 Below VVVV


Crash Number 6 Below VVVV New message


Crash number 7.. "Device hung due to badly formed commands"

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Downloaded the Graphics drivers from NVIDIA, got longer game play of 5-10 minutes probably taking care of that issue. Now I am seeing small changes in messages.


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The game is using integrated graphics, switch to your NVIDIA gpu in the control panel , il link a tutorial

best of luck


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Bad coms--detects some but not others, no controls over your own levels if you're lucky enough to have it pick up your mic. Too many disconnections, and shit netcode. None of these have errors, all you have to do is watch some gameplay videos released to see it in action.
Todays crash reports.

Same crash, 2 messages. Played for about 10 minutes. This was before restarting VU for the latest update.




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My game is completely locking up while playing, I have to go into task manager and end the client process, a simple alt-f4 does nothing.
When I go back into join the server I get an error
“You cannot connect to this server”
This has happened to 2 easy company servers and a third server today.
I’ve deleted the install files and reinstalled RM and I still cannot connect.
It’s acting like I’ve been banned for a crash?