Deviation/weapon sway (discussion)


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Hello, good evening everyone.

I want to talk about one of the features that, in my opinion, made Project Reality as good as it is: Deviation.

For those who don't know what that is, deviation is a mechanic in the game that prevented you from shooting accurately while on the move. Moving/sprinting gives you an accuracy penalty, and depending on the weapon it takes 3-7 seconds after you've stopped moving until that accuracy penalty is completely gone. This means that if you're walking around and you spot an enemy at a far distance, you can't just shoot him - you have to wait for a couple seconds before you can open fire accurately.

What this meant in practice is that "run & gun" style combat is heavily discouraged (unless in very close quarters where gun accuracy doesn't matter). People have to run from cover to cover or suppress the enemy while the rest of the squad moves up on a defended position, because you cannot effectively engage enemies while you are moving (you can only suppress with your fire but you won't hit your targets). Machine guns and snipers have to operate like in real life - planning well and finding a good position to set up and fire from, instead of just running around and spontaneously opening fire when they run into an enemy. Another positive effect is that it makes it much harder for a single person to engage many enemies at once, unlike in SQUAD where solo squad wipes are much more common because a single person can just run & gun and kill 4 people before they even have time to react.

Now the question is: Should this mechanic be implemented in BF3:RM and if not, should it be replaced by a weapon sway mechanic?

My opinion is: Since a decent portion of the Project Reality player base didn't like deviation because it feels unrealistic and artificial, I think it should be removed - but properly replaced by weapon sway (if that is technically possible). It should work the same way as deviation in PR, just make it so you have a lot of weapon sway while moving and once you've stopped for a few seconds, the weapon sway goes away.

What are your thoughts on this? I would like to hear opinions both from the devs and the community


Currently there is no random deviation when aiming down sights, only when hipfiring. However, running increases sway when aiming down sights so it is harder to aim and there is a considerable amount of recoil at the moment. All of this is still subject to change ofc but the main idea is to discourage running and gunning and reward a slower and more tactical approach, similar to BF2: PR.

You can find out more about the vision for RM here:

PS: Dont get discouraged by the graph, there is juicy stuff in the text below.


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> However, running increases sway when aiming down sights

Is this similar to how deviation works in PR? What I'm asking is, will it take 3+ seconds for the weapon sway to go away and is it strong enough to make precise shots almost impossible?

Because if its just slight weapon sway and goes away after 1 second then IMO it may as well not be there at all. Needs to be strong enough to affect gameplay the same way as in PR (at least that should be the starting point, you can always tweak it in future releases if it turns out to be bad for gameplay).