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  1. 3ti65

    Maps of PR:BF2 to RM:BF3

    Muttrah is a must
  2. 3ti65

    RM Devblog #3

    Check discord, we added you yesterday ;) usually takes a couple of weeks, we onboard in waves
  3. 3ti65

    PR BF2 veterans

    PR since 0.5 boysss
  4. 3ti65

    Redeeming and Installing VU/RM

    Please read these instructions on how to create your VU account, download and have VU running. Step 1: Install Battlefield 3 Open Origin > Find Battlefield 3 > Install it! Startup Battlefield 3. > Close it down again. Step 2: Create an account on Create a user with the...
  5. 3ti65

    OD-S is not recruiting, but y'all can hang out.

    The 2nd best dead PR clan after mine ?
  6. 3ti65